After everyone has made the bets and the cards are dealt, each player starts to think on how to play his hand if the dealer does not reveal a blackjack. Each player can Stand, Hit, Double down, Split, somewhere Surrender, and he can make an Insurance bet. Read this content at Lucksters, to get more information about blackjack and blackjack bonuses.

After cards have been dealt, the player if he thinks that the score of his hand is good enough or drawing another card could result in going over 21, may stand, meaning that he is not going to take one more card.

If the player wants another card he chooses an option ‘hit’. He can take as many cards as he wants until he thinks his hand is good enough, or he busts thereby losing his bet.

The player can double his bet, when he believes his chances to win are high. To double down is possible on the first two cards. He then places another bet equal to his original one in the betting area. Once doubling down, the player is given only one card more, which he reveals only when all other players have completed their hands.

If the hand consists of a pair, the player can split the pair and form two hands. These hands are played independently from each other. The player’s initial bet must be doubled then to cover two hands. Both If Aces are split, the player will receive just one more card to each hand. If he gets any hand made up of an Ace and a 10-count card, it would not be a blackjack and if he wins he gets only a 1-to-1 payout. If a third Ace is drawn the player can split again.

If the dealer shows an Ace the player could take insurance by making a side bet that is worth half of his original bet in case the dealer has a blackjack. If the dealer does have a blackjack, the player will lose his bet but he gets the insurance that pays 2-to-1. If the dealer does not hold a blackjack, the insurance will be lost, the hand is played as usual.

There is one more option Surrender but it is not available everywhere. The player can surrender only if at the beginning of his move, and if the dealer shows a 10-value card or an Ace. The player keeps half of his bet, but just if the dealer does not hold a blackjack.